Mod Fail/Help/Discuss!

Right. So, I've been a horribly neglectful mod and the comm is only a few months old. Super fail, Catherine!

Would anyone like to help me co-mod here? My life is a bit stressful at the moment (that'll die down soon, I hope!) and I'd hate to see this place suffer because I keep getting distracted by RL and Tumblr, lol. Any takers?

In the meantime, ummm. Random discussion post!


Example: After The Storm/The Eye and everything had settled down, John and Elizabeth snuck out to the balcony and sat there together and cuddled. And John was supremely awkward and Elizabeth denied it later, but handholding and hair petting totally occurred. *nods*

Community Suggestions

Hello shiny members! I thought I would poke you all for some ideas of what we can do around here to get the comm up and running and make it nice and active. I had some thoughts, but I'd love your input!

- SGA Rewatch (could be S1-3 + Elizabeth episodes, or the whole series)
- Comment Ficathon
- Prompt/Plot bunny post(s)
- Daily quotes
- Daily/weekly graphics
- etc

I know there aren't too many people here, but that doesn't mean we can't party!


As soon as my computer's had a nice nap (poor thing's overworked) I'll see about making some promo banners and fussing with the layout. If anyone has suggestions on that, those are welcome, too!

ps: we really need some John/Elizabeth gifs up in here.
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So, [personal profile] havocthecat was all, "Woe! Dreamwidth lacketh a John/Elizabeth community!" and [personal profile] nextstop_everywhere replied, "LO! THIS SHALL NOT DO."

So now there's a comm.

Rules are pretty simple: be nice, don't wank, post about John/Elizabeth. There're some extra notes in the profile, so please check it out. Otherwise, have fun!